Special Initiatives

Initiatives address health gaps or system fragmentation by bringing together key stakeholders to find solutions to complex, health-related problems.




Million funded

Topics Addressed:

Crime Prevention
Support for Disabilities
Family Support

Healthy Communities
Health Literacy
Mental Health Services

Health Care Services
Oral Health Services
Technical Assistance


Alive and Well Communities

Alive and Well Kansas City – Year 2

Community Care Network of Kansas

Alliance for a Healthy Kansas

Community Health Council of Wyandotte County

Health Equity Action Transformation Initiative

Curators of the University of Missouri

Asthma Empowerment – Kansas City Phrase III

Curators of the University of Missouri

Collective Community Impact and Intervention for Diabetes Prevention

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Census Equity Fund

Healthcare for Missouri

Missouri Medicaid Expansion

Kansas City Medical Society Foundation

Access to Primary and Specialty Care for the Uninsured – Year 10

Mid-America Regional Council Community Services Corporation

Achieving a Complete Count for Metro Kansas City in the 2020 Census

Mid-America Regional Council Community Services Corporation

Census 2020 Complete County Committee

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Oral Health Prevention and Workforce Improvement Project

Missouri Public Health Association

Transforming the Future of Public Health in Missouri – Phase II


Kansas City Assessment and Triage Center Evaluation – Year 3


Regional Health Reporting

Support Kansas City

Cultural Competency Collective – Year 10

Support Kansas City

2019 Fiscal Agent Services

Unified Government of Wyandotte, Public Health Department

WyCo Community Health Improvement Plan Core Support

United Way of Greater Kansas City

Promise 1000 – Year 4